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Acoustic Interior Installations


Acoustic Interior Installations from Codex

Acoustic Interior Installations or soundproofing materials deliver significant benefits to any office space by reducing noise amplification and deflection from the ceiling. Ceilings normally are flat and smooth and as a result, easily amplify even the smallest of sounds. Our new collection of acoustic installations helps reduce sound resonance and echoes while also adding unique, contemporary design elements to your workspace. An acoustically controlled workspace helps a workforce maintain focus whilst also enjoying the benefits of more open-plan office space.




Evo Chair with Adjustable Arms

The Evo Fabric Chair is a comfortable and affordable operator chair making it highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of working environments. The deep contoured fabric seat ensures lumbar support and maximum comfort, while back height and adjustable arms increase the comfort of sitting especially for long periods of time. Fabric colour and material options available. Test Certified to EN1335.

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