Ergonomic Products

With home offices replacing the traditional office space lately, ergonomics has become a buzzword in the world of the global workforce. But what is ergonomics? Simply put, it is a science-based discipline that helps in designing equipment and workspaces with the health of the user in mind.

We all have different jobs, different workspaces, and different needs. Our ergonomic range of products recognises these differences and adapts to them. We have a variety of different workspace packages designed to fit various work styles and budgets. Our furniture specialists have worked with Spectrum Optimise's Physiotherapists to pick the put together a range of home office packs. This range of expert-approved products are guaranteed to help you work and feel your best, however – and wherever – you work.

To discuss how Codex can better enable your current workspace set up - at home or in the office - book a free furniture consultation here with one of our furniture specialists.

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