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Modular Seating


Modular Seating from Codex

Modular seating is made up of several individual pieces that can be arranged into a shape to suit any modern business space, large or small. These separate pieces will usually include a middle section and an end section with or without an armrest. Adaptability and flexibility are two of the core benefits of having modular seating in your office as the versatile sofa frames can be configured to suit most spaces. Not only does this furniture make a great feature piece for an open-plan space but also creates a natural divide between receptions, canteen and working areas. With a modular corner sofa or L-shaped sofa you can create a cosy break-off seating area for the employees to relax or use as a collaborative space.




Evo Chair with Adjustable Arms

The Evo Fabric Chair is a comfortable and affordable operator chair making it highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of working environments. The deep contoured fabric seat ensures lumbar support and maximum comfort, while back height and adjustable arms increase the comfort of sitting especially for long periods of time. Fabric colour and material options available. Test Certified to EN1335.

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Tritos Modular Seat TM-1
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Tritos Modular Screen SS-1
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Tritos Modular Screen SS-3
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Tritos Modular Wall with Whiteboard ST-L
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Tritos Modular Wall with Whiteboard ST-W
Tritos Modular Wall SW-L
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Tritos Modular Wall SW-S
Tritos Modular Wall SW-W
Tritos Modular Seat TM-W
Tritos Modular Seat TM-Z
Tritos Modular Seat TR-1-N
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